AICM develops Jake's talents

LEAD guitarist Jake Whittaker picked up his first guitar when he was nine years old, but it wasn’t until his family moved from the Fraser Coast to Gympie in 2009 that his guitar playing exploded to new heights.

“I joined the Country Music School of Excellence at Gympie High in late 2009,” Jake said.

“I played in a few bands until I joined Aiming High as lead guitarist in 2010 and was introduced to everyone at AICM.

“AICM has been great because the teachers are musicians who understand what you want to achieve.

“The institute has done a great job, not just for us, but for everyone who walks through the doors, as they give everyone the right to perform and get out there.

“Gigs and concerts are always organised for us, which has been a tremendous help in getting our name out there. It also has given me the experience and skills for putting on an entertaining live show.”

Jake’s hope for the future is to work in the music industry, either playing in a band or as a solo artist.

Aiming High has come a long way since the band formed at the beginning of 2010, with the majority of weekends taken up with shows at various venues that support local bands, AICM and CMSOE.

“I’m having a ball and just loving it,” Jake said.