Alleged cruise fraudster faces court over phishing scam

A GOLD Coast woman who allegedly defrauded a Maryborough business out of $93,000 to fund a luxury cruise has had her matter mentioned in court.

Wendy Janine Baulch, 52, did not appear on Monday in the Brisbane Magistrates Court where her matter was adjourned.

Ms Baulch was arrested last month in Sydney before being extradited to Queensland where she was charged with fraud and computer hacking related offences.

She spent two nights behind bars before being released on bail.

It is alleged Ms Baulch gained access to the Maryborough business via a phishing scam email which subsequently provided access to the company's funds.

It is further alleged she used the money she acquired to pay for a flight to Florida and a ticket aboard a luxury cruise travelling from Miami to Sydney.

Police also allege she had booked a further leg aboard the cruise from Sydney to Rangoon, Burma.

Ms Bausch was arrested as the cruise docked in Sydney before its pending departure to Rangoon.

Her matter will be back before Brisbane Magistrates Court on March 30.