Alleged domestic offender shows magistrate his own scars in court
Alleged domestic offender shows magistrate his own scars in court Clara Molden

Injuries on display in assault case

A  PARRAMATTA PARK man accused of multiple assaults sat in court displaying his own injuries.

Errol Jack Tranby appeared in custody at Cairns Magistrates Court, allegedly burned during a domestic dispute.

"He is sporting injuries himself caused by the actions of the aggrieved," Kelly Goodwyn, defending, said.

"There are significant burn injuries to his arm."

Mr Tranby held up his arm so Magistrate Allan Comans could see through the glass barrier separating them.

"My client is also suffering bodily harm," Mr Goodwyn said.

He told the court the alleged breaches of court orders occurred when the aggrieved woman attended Mr Tranby's Parramatta Park house and was let in by his mother.

"His mother has been freely opening the door to the aggrieved and letting her in the house," Mr Goodwyn said.

"She attended on her own free will and remained there."

He said his client had made "part admissions" of assaulting the woman.

Mr Tranby stands charges with four breaches of domestic violence orders and three counts of assault occasioning bodily harm.

Mr Goodwyn said his client intended to fight a number of the charges.

"He does have a very credible defence," Mr Goodwyn said.

Mr Comans said Mr Tranby posed a high risk to the aggrieved.

"The risks are that he will act against the aggrieved - he has made some admissions in assaulting (her)," he said.

He denied Mr Tranby bail and adjourned the matter for committal mention on January 30.