Alleged squatters at Inskip are causing some concerns.
Alleged squatters at Inskip are causing some concerns. Brett Wortman / 185308

Alleged squatters making Inskip 'putrid'

CLAIMS of squatters on Inskip Pt have been referred to police following allegations of alcohol distilling and constantly running generators at the popular camps grounds.

Cooloola Cove's Nikki Smith (last name changed by request) claims there are about 40 people living at Inskip illegally, including one who was producing and selling alcohol.

It was was affecting the whole community, she said, particularly with fears the distillery could explode and injure people.

"People are feeling uncomfortable. I refuse to take my children now. The smell out there is putrid."

The alleged squatters' presence was also hurting the region's tourism, Ms Smith said.

"They're not going to come back. It's the whole community that loses out."

A Queensland Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman said QPWS had visited the site on July 26 after receiving Ms Smith's complaint.

"QPWS has no evidence of illegal activity, but has followed up with Queensland Police," she said.

"Camps are only allowed to remain in place for 30 days at Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area."

She said QPWS was aware some people overstay. "Rangers monitor the area and ask campers to move on as necessary under the relevant legislation."