HUNDREDS of desperate people waited outside a county fairground in Virginia in the hope of receiving basic medical treatment over the weekend.

People camped overnight to be the first in line for free treatment at a pop-up medical centre that treated thousands over the weekend inside barns and animal stalls in Wise, Virginia.

"I just wish I could get President Trump to come and see this," said Stan Brock, a British philanthropist and founder of Remote Area Medical, the charity behind it, reports The Telegraph.

"The people here are Mr Trump's constituency, they're his voters, and it drives me up the wall.

"This organisation was designed to parachute into the most God-awful places. I expected to see stuff like this in South Sudan and Haiti, but it's right here in the United States of America."

Pictures show rows of people lying in beds being treated by doctors walking on dirty tarmac and it was described by one charity worker as a scene that might be expected in developing countries.

Among those in long lines were those working part-time on $7.25-an-hour who faced bills of up to $400 on prescription glasses.

With medical bills rising, they said they were left with no option but to attend the event which meant they could get their hands on free care.

A seven-year Republican effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare faces a major test this week in the US Senate, where politicians will decide whether to move forward and vote on a bill whose details and prospects are uncertain.

The Senate will decide as early as Tuesday whether to begin debating a healthcare bill.

But it remained unclear over the weekend which version of the bill the senators would ultimately vote on.

Mr Trump, after initially suggesting last week that he was fine with letting ObamaCare collapse, has urged Republican senators to hash out a deal.

Senate Republicans have considered two versions but have been unable to reach consensus after estimates showed they could lead to as many as 22 million fewer Americans being insured.