Mothar Mountain speedway publicity officer Amy Brown.
Mothar Mountain speedway publicity officer Amy Brown. Craig Warhurst

Amy Brown has her PR career well on track

GYMPIE'S speedway 'voice' is in the driver's seat when it comes to promoting dirt track racing and the sport's 'family'.

Q. How long have you been at Gympie Speedway?

A. Not very long, this is my third season with the club

Q. How did you get involved with the publicity for the club?

A. Gary Pagel mentioned to me one day that they needed someone to do the role and thought I could do that.

Q. What is the good part of that role?

A. That you get to interact with all the drivers and their families, and generally just making people aware of our club and getting new people along.

And for those who know me, they know I love to chat, so it's perfect.

Q. Are you a driver yourself?

A. No, I'm not. I'm too nervous to give it a go, but my partner has his own car and I go passenger with him

Q. What do you love about speedway?

A. The atmosphere and the people, plus the opportunity to witness some of Australia's best drivers in action.

It's one big family at speedway. It's not just a sport. As some would say, it becomes a way of life

Q. What else do you find time to do?

A. Camping is always good, when there's time.

It's perfect for getting away from work and speedway. Or I just head up the beach for the day and take my two dogs, but it doesn't happen very often.

Plus, I always love the opportunity to go the races and dress up and have a great time with friends, every girl likes to dress up.

Q. Any tips for this speedway season?

A. I think the Raymont team will be hard to beat this season. Keep your eyes on Jess Raymont. Girl power!

And with Lorensen's new car, they will certainly be in the mix.

Q. What's Gympie Speedway like in comparison to others locations?

A. What makes our track different to all the others is its shape and many visitors are wary of this. But that's what makes it more exciting.

We were once voted the best canteen of all speedway tracks in Australia, so we must be doing something right and like I said earlier, the people are great.

Player profile

Name: Amy Brown.

Age: 29.

Born: Adelaide.

Favourite food: Seafood or pasta.

Favourite TV program: My partner hogs the remote, so I watch NASCAR.

Favourite movie: The Twilight series (ha ha, I know).

Sport you would be involved with if not speedway: Cricket or AFL. I used to play cricket when I was at school and really enjoyed it. I once took a hat-trick. I did play a few games of AFL when I was in primary school, but I don't think I would be fit enough to do either.

Funniest moment in sport: I was playing indoor cricket and got hit in the head with a ball. Funny for everyone else, not for me.