SHOCKING: Timmy "Turtle" Stenlake says Beelbi Creek was littered with abandoned crab pots and was one of the worst places he had seen in his travels. Contributed

Angler 'disgusted' by decaying crab pots in Coast creek

A TRAVELLING fisherman has shared a video to his YouTube channel sharing his disgust an the number of decaying crab pots he found while visiting Beelbi Creek.

Timmy Stenlake, better known as Timmy Turtle, said he sees abandoned crab pots in every waterway he has visited, but it upset him to see so many in such a pristine environment.

"It's one of the worst creeks I have seen in three years of fishing," he said.

While acknowledging it was illegal to move fishing equipment, Mr Stenlke said he had removed about 10 pots from the creek that were obviously in a a state of disrepair and had not been used in some time.

Instead they were littering the bottom of the creek, near Toogoom.

But he said despite moving so many, plenty still remain at the bottom of the waterway.

Mr Stenlake said Fisheries Queensland needed to change its policy so that people can freely clear waterways if its clear the crab pots aren't being used.

Martin Simons, general manager of Fraser Coast Tourism and Events, said while it wasn't ideal from a tourism perspective to have clutter at the bottom of any waterway, especially in an area where conservation was a priority, it was a matter for Queensland Fisheries.

A spokesman from Queensland Fisheries the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol was undertaking a program of rolling crab pot clean-ups across Queensland waters.

"Abandoned crab pots can continue to 'ghost fish' which poses a serious problem to the environment," he said.

"Ultimately, the proper use of fishing gear is the responsibility of fishers."

But the spokesman said interfering with crab pots that were not set by the person they belonged to was an offence.

"Stealing crabs or crab pots is a criminal offence and those caught will be referred to the police."