Andrew Brodzeli blocking Bogie River Rail Bridge today.
Andrew Brodzeli blocking Bogie River Rail Bridge today.

Anti-Adani protester blocks rail line to Bowen's west


An Aurizon spokesperson has condemned the anti-Adani protesters who have blocked a rail line at Bogie River Rail Bridge.

"The anti-Adani protesters have put lives at risk by illegally entering the Newlands rail corridor this morning.

"It is grossly irresponsible for these groups to jeopardise the safety of themselves and the train drivers operating on our rail network.

"Aurizon is working closely with the Queensland Police Service in regard to today's incident."


POLICE are on scene at Bogie River Rail Bridge to Bowen's west where an anti-Adani protester has been sitting in a tree blocking a rail line for over four hours.

Andrew Brodzeli, 24-year-old Sydney student, is sitting on a raised platform in the canopy of a large gum tree, which has been hoisted and secured via a rope connected to the railway line since 5am this morning. 

Spokesperson for the protest Lily Matchett said the pulley system means should a train pass through the blocked rail bridge, Andrew would be in danger from falling from a great height.


Andrew Brodzeli blocking Bogie River Rail Bridge today.
Andrew Brodzeli blocking Bogie River Rail Bridge today.

"We are here today to protect our collective future and to defend every human being's right to a safe climate," she said

"They have left us with no choice except to put our bodies on the line to protect our collective future". 

Ms Matchett said Aurizon has confirmed that the rail line has been put on hold due to Andrew's activities.

Mr Brodzeli said he's putting his body on the line because so many others will be affected if the mega-mine goes ahead.

"It's outrageous that our government continually ignores First Nations Peoples, the near-consensus of climate scientists and the clear majority of the population when it endorses this mine," he said.

"While I'm nervous about taking action today, I'm confident that my actions will inspire many others to rise up and challenge this unsustainable project.

"By stopping this rail line today, I want the government and investors to know the depth of community opposition to this mine, and to show them how powerful we can be when we act to take our future back into our own hands."

Andrew has indicated that he is intending to stay in his position indefinitely.

The blocked rail line is part of the Goonyella rail network, and is the primary coal transport route stretching from Newlands Coal mine in the South West through to the Abbot Point Coal terminal.

Adani and Aurizon has been approached for comment.