New doors guide way to spiritual health

New doors on the Gympie Hospital's chapel will light the way for people in need of a bit of spiritual help while staying at the Gympie Hospital.

Gympie Hospital Auxiliary president Neil Spacie said the new doors would allow people to find the hospital chapel more easily after it was moved from its old position 12 months ago.

The lead light and sandblasted glass doors allow light to spill out of the chapel and into the under croft corridor making the chapel more visible to the public.

"The chapel is a great place for patients, relatives and staff to take time out and reflect," Mr Spacie said. The new doors came about when the Hospital Auxiliary and Gympie Glazing's Geoff Stolberg teamed up.

Mr Stolberg made the doors and provided the funding for the stained glass section of the door while the Hospital Auxiliary provided the funds for the sandblasted section of door.