Blogger Charlie Capen with his sons Finnegan and Arden.
Blogger Charlie Capen with his sons Finnegan and Arden.

Are our views on fatherhood outdated?

A BLOGGER has taken to social media over discriminatory remarks made out him by a stranger in a supermarket to his wife about fatherhood.

The woman remarked to Charlie Chapen's wife, in front of him and their two children, and said: "Did you know you have three kids?"

Mr Chapen highlighted in his post that there were many people in society that still had outdated ways of thinking about fatherhood.

"I'm sorry you can't tell the difference between having a good time with your kids and being immature," he wrote.

"I'm sorry if you think men are irresponsible or babysitters but that's an outdated way of thinking.

"More than anything, I'm sorry for the men in your life who've convinced you of this idea."

Mr Chapin is a co-blogger of How To Be A Dad - one of the top fatherhood blog sites on the internet.

Mr Chapin has spoken at the White House about how fathers strip away gender bias and are great partners in fighting systemic sexism.

Read the full Facebook post reaction to the supermarket woman's 'three kids' comment here: To the woman in the grocery store

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do you think our views on fatherhood are outdated? Is it many people in society that hold outdated views or only some?