Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre at Wacol. Photo: Sarah Harvey / The Queensland Times
Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre at Wacol. Photo: Sarah Harvey / The Queensland Times Sarah Harvey

Are you finished?: belligerent Gympie prisoner goes too far

A BELLIGERENT prisoner went too far in his rudeness toward a magistrate during Gympie court proceedings this week.

Frank Elesits, 38, first mistook Magistrate Chris Callaghan for a lawyer when appearing via videolink from the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre on Monday, and seem confused when he was told otherwise.

"You're not a lawyer? So I was just lied to?” he said.

Mr Callaghan explained Mr Elesits was in court answering to a public nuisance charge against him, alleged to have occurred on July 25 this year. He then asked Mr Elesits how he wished to proceed.

"I don't even know what the charge is,” came the reply.

The magistrate repeated the charge against Mr Elesits, noting he had been given bail and was incarcerated on other matters.

A pre-sentence custody certificate revealed Mr Elesits was in jail on remand for numerous other offences including more counts of public nuisance, wilful damage, obstructing police and failing to appear.

Mr Elesits responded by asking Mr Callaghan "Are you finished?” before evidently needing clarification on who and where the magistrate was, and which prison he was sitting in.

Mr Callaghan tried once more to proceed with the matter, only to be met by more contempt from Mr Elesits, who insisted he didn't know what "nuisance” he had been charged with.

The court heard Mr Elesits had reportedly been detained by security at the Gympie District Courthouse on the date in question, after which police told him to leave the area.

Mr Elesits allegedly then began walking towards King St, shouting profanities such as "spit in your face c***” as he did so, causing passers by to "actively avoid” him.

Mr Elesits refused to cooperate with Mr Callaghan once more after hearing the allegations against him, causing the magistrate to cut the appearance short and remand him to appear again on August 26.