Arthur Gorrie
Arthur Gorrie File photo

ARE YOU READY? The fire season is here now

TWO fire emergencies in the near Gympie area yesterday should be all the warning anyone needs that the wildfire season is approaching.

In each of those two cases, one at Curra and the other at Sexton, events prove our dangerous time of year is already here.

Cold nights and heavy dew could be the best friends landowners now have as they contemplate last minute clearing and even hazard reduction burning.

As always that is a matter for discussion with fire wardens and fire brigade officials, who can provide good advice and plenty of volunteer back-up, in the form of volunteer crews who will supervise any burning off operations.

Some slashing around houses and other buildings may also be in order, or even ploughed fire breaks and fire fighting control lines.

Permits for burning are absolutely necessary and, for those in urban residential areas, it may also be an idea to check with the local council to ensure you are allowed to do it.

Every year, as the weather warms during what is generally the driest time of year, the fire danger goes from low to high and sometimes to extreme.

Landowners may also find they have a legal responsibility to ensure that their property is fire resistant enough to prevent wildfire crossing the area and threatening other houses.

Now is the time to think about it.

By the time the dry hits properly, it will be too late.