Joyce Carey, 96, is a model with Silverfox MGMT.
Joyce Carey, 96, is a model with Silverfox MGMT.

Are you the next top mature-age model?

IF you've ever wanted to strut your stuff on the catwalk or grace the cover of a magazine but thought such opportunities were behind you, think again.

A new modelling agency has been established, targeting the growing demand for more mature models and championing an age-positive movement in Australia.

Silverfox MGMT Group is dedicated to representing models from 30 to 90+ years old, and they are seeing great success for models in these older age groups.

The agency opened in April this year and already has over 55 models on its books, including some of the most in-demand older models globally, such as Yazemeenah Rossi, Pia Gronning and Anthony Varrechia (see photo gallery below).

And the agency has recently launched a nationwide search for the new faces of its age-positive movement.

Other models who have already signed up with the agency include 96-year-old great-grandmother Joyce Carey and her 58-year-old daughter Glenys Carey.

Silverfox MGMT founder Brigitte Warne said there was a growing trend within global, luxury high street brands, such as Celine, Karen Walker and L'Oreal, to employ older models to feature in campaigns as a way of representing and connecting with an ageing consumer demographic.

"We've seen the body-positive movement become mainstream, the age-positive movement is next," Ms Warne said.

"There's a seemingly insatiable appetite for retailers to grow millennial appeal, while older consumers are largely ignored, despite out aged population increasing 20% since 2010.

"On top of the raw demographics, older consumers are now more style aware and have more spending power than ever before.

"The mature market is ripe for the taking in Australia - it's a huge opportunity for brands."

Visit for more details about joining the agency.