Activists previously protested outside of Beef City in December 2017.
Activists previously protested outside of Beef City in December 2017. Chay Neal

Animal activists storm Beef City abattoir and lock pens down

A PERSON has been arrested after animal activists stormed the Beef City abattoir outside of Toowoomba this morning.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said the person was arrested for being inside the perimeter of the feedlot, on private property.

Animal Liberation Queensland spokesperson Chay Neal said several activists entered holding pens at the Beef City feedlot and slaughterhouse this morning and attempted to lock themselves onto fences.

"Wearing t-shirts and holding signs reading 'LIFE - Not Livestock', we are here today to draw attention to the dark side of the beef industry," Mr Neal said.

"We are demanding that JBS make a statement acknowledging that cattle are living, feeling, individuals and that all forms of meat production involve suffering and have detrimental environmental impacts."

Mr Neal said about 50 other activists remained outside the venue protesting meat production.

He said the protest had been organised to coincide with Beef Week, which starts today.

 "We want people to see these animals for who they are... intelligent beings with personalities, emotions, and complex behaviours," he said.

"They feel pain and fear, just like the dogs and cats we share our homes with.

"We want people to see them, respect them, and keep them off their plates."

The protest only lasted for about an hour, with all who were arrested released without charge.

Following the march the activists headed to the Toowoomba CBD.