'Arrest me then': Man threatened with taser at car crash

A GLADSTONE man has been fined after he hurled abuse at police officers tasked to a car crash.

Matthew John Roberts pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday to one count each of public nuisance and obstruct police.

The court was told about 5am on July 13, police were tasked to a car crash in Gladstone.

FILE PHOTO: Police deployed a taser.
The court was told Roberts "raised his fists in a fighting stance". FILE

The court was told Roberts' friend was one of the victims involved in the crash and Roberts was on scene.

Police asked Roberts to move away from one of the drivers involved in the crash on the basis he was "causing stress".

The court was told Roberts began to yell at police, called the officers "f---ing pigs" and questioned whether one of the drivers would be charged.

"You c---s are f---ing useless," He yelled.

Roberts, a 20-year-old with no criminal history, walked away from the scene but returned shortly after.

The court was told he punched a street sign. The court was told Roberts was delaying the officers' investigation into the crash.

The on-scene officers told Roberts he would be charged if he continued.

Roberts said: "come on then c---s, f---ing arrest me c-t."

The court was told Roberts "raised his fists in a fighting stance".

One officer pulled out a taser and Roberts put his hands up and lay down on the road.

However, when police tried to handcuff Roberts he rolled around the ground, resisting the handcuffs.

Later in the watch house Roberts told police he had drunk a bottle of Jim beam and smoked marijuana prior to the incident.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said it was "ironic" that Roberts "set upon a path to impede police officers" when they were trying to assist his friend involved in the crash.

"You are a first time offender, but you have started out with a bang, of sorts," Mr Kinsella said.

Roberts was fined $800 and a conviction was not recorded.