Asha's records released after claims burns were deliberate

SUPPORTERS of asylum seeker baby Asha have released hospital records stating the baby accidentally poured a bowl of hot water over herself, after media reports suggested the mother may have deliberately injured her child to get to Australia.

The advocates have accused the Turnbull government of playing "dirty politics" by leaking details of an investigation by Queensland Police and other sensitive information to the media to damage the reputation of the child's mother, as the government faces huge public pressure to let the family stay in Australia permanently.

The office of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton rejected the claims.

Doctors at Brisbane's Lady Cilento Hospital had refused to discharge the one-year-old girl, who goes by the pseudonym Asha and was facing return to Nauru. The hospital said she would not be released until a suitable home environment was found.

On Sunday Mr Dutton said the family would be released into community detention, but would eventually return to Nauru.

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