Aussie actor John Jarratt makes cameo in 'Django Unchained'

John Jarratt in a scene from the movie Django Unchained.
John Jarratt in a scene from the movie Django Unchained. Sony Pictures Australia

AUSSIE cinema-goers will be pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face in Quentin Tarantino's latest movie Django Unchained.

While the Oscar-nominated film might be set in America's pre-Civil War South, it features a cameo by John Jarratt.

The Wolf Creek star plays an Aussie employee of the LeQuint Dickey Mining Company, alongside the director himself Quentin Tarantino and American actor Michael Parks, both of whom do their best to speak in an Aussie twang.

Jarratt praised Tarantino for making "a fair fist" of the Aussie accent, which he reckons is the toughest in the world to imitate.

"Only Aussies would pick the glitches," he said.

"He's as close as Robert Downey Jr was in Tropic Thunder.

"If Meryl (Streep) can't do it then no one can do it.

"He was pretty brave to take it on."

Jarratt also revealed Tarantino only took on the small part at the last minute.

"When I first got the gig, it was Anthony LaPaglia and some young fella," he said.

"He couldn't do it because they kept changing the times and then Anthony couldn't do it.

"In the end he (Tarantino) said 'awh the hell with it I'll do it'."

Tarantino has famously called Jarratt his favourite Aussie actor.

Despite meeting nearly 10 years ago, Django Unchained is Jarratt's first appearance in one of the director's movies.

"I finally got into one of his movies," he said.

"We had a ton of fun. He really enjoys himself, but at the same time he's insanely bright.

"He knows exactly what he wants. He takes filming seriously but doesn't take himself seriously."

Jarratt attended the film's Australian premiere in Sydney on Monday.

He predicts it will be one of Tarantino's most successful films.

"I think it's going to be as good as Pulp Fiction," he said.

"He's never come close (to Pulp Fiction) before, for my money. The script was very good."

Django Unchained opens today.