Arina Rodionova has delivered a serve to her victorious rivals at the Hungarian Open.
Arina Rodionova has delivered a serve to her victorious rivals at the Hungarian Open.

Filthy Aussies beaten by cheating rivals

AUSSIE tennis star Arina Rodionova has blasted her rivals, accusing them of blatantly cheating and laughing about it as she and compatriot Priscilla Hon were dudded by a brazen lack of sportsmanship.

Rodionova had teamed up with Hon at the Hungarian Open but their time in Budapest ended on a sour note with a first-round loss against Spain's Georgina Garcia Perez and Renata Voracova of the Czech Republic.

The Aussie pairing lost the first set, bounced back to win the second but went down in a first-to-10 tiebreak to decide the victor, giving their opponents a 6-3 4-6 10-3 victory.

Rodionova and her partner were absolutely filthy with one point in the tiebreak when a Hon backhand from the baseline cleared the net and cannoned into Voracova's head.

The ball bounced off her head and back onto the Aussies' side of the court.

The umpire didn't see it and assumed the ball had come off Voracova's racquet, awarding her the point and making it 2-0 in the decider.

Rodionova and Hon couldn't believe it and argued furiously with the official.

"It hit her head," one of the players can be heard saying.

"There is literally video," Hon added.

Rodionova stood at the net and stared down her rivals, questioning whether they were seriously going to let the point stand.

She sarcastically clapped her racquet and said "well done" when it became obvious the Europeans weren't going to own up, and the umpire wasn't going to change his mind.

At the end of the match, neither Hon nor Rodionova offered to shake Voracova or Garcia Perez's hands, which appeared to irk the Spaniard.

She made a gesture indicating her surprise at the cold treatment

Taking to Instagram after the match, Rodionova let loose.

"So this that was @priscilla_hon and myself playing doubles today in Budapest. The girl with great head shot skills is Renata Voracova aka @rendi49. If you think that she admitted that she literally scored a goal with her head you are very wrong," Rodionova wrote alongside a video of the incident.

"She turned around and was laughing with her partner Georgina Garcia Perez about the whole thing. I hope she goes to bed tonight feeling good about herself and today's 'fair' win."

Rodionova then added the hashtags: #sportsmanship #shame #disgrace #fairplay #goodlucknextmatch #warmupthehead.