Pages of the documents stolen from an Isis leader.
Pages of the documents stolen from an Isis leader.

Australian IS recruit may be on leaked list

ONE of the possible Islamic State fighters to have their identities leaked may be an Australian would-be suicide bomber.

The digital files containing up to 22,000 names and other details of IS fighters and supporters were leaked to Sky News UK this week.

However, intelligence experts have said the veracity and specific source of the information was still yet to be confirmed, despite the potential for the information to be used by Western agencies.

Reports about the contents of the documents have listed a 36-year-old computer engineer using the name Abu Obeida al Loubnani, who identifies as Australian among those offering themselves as suicide bombers.

The man who leaked the digital files to Sky News UK told the TV station that the organisation and its claim of representing Islam was "a lie".

Justice Minister Michael Keenan has declined to comment on the specifics of the information leaked, but that a "significant point" about the affair was that the information was made public and shared "with one of our partners".

It is understood intelligence agencies across the Western world are investigating the source and veracity of the leaked documents to capitalise on the information if true.