Aussie workplaces have poor leadership and management

A SURVEY of more than 2000 Australian workers has found the vast majority believe their workplaces have poor leadership and need better management.

The study, by the University of Melbourne's new Centre for Workplace Leadership, found 75% of those surveyed thought their workplaces lack leadership.

It also found up to a quarter of employees did not have anyone they could "look up to" as a good leader, while 35% of senior and middle managers also lacked a role model at work.

Centre director Professor Peter Gahan said it showed workers lacked faith in their leaders.

"Leadership is the often neglected ingredient in productivity with studies showing that employees who have greater job satisfaction and motivation create workplaces that have productivity gains of 30%," he said.

However, the survey also found as many as 56% of workers said there was someone at work they could look up to, and many were confident of their own leadership qualities.

The survey found 75% of respondents said they had the "know-how" to be a good leader, but many did not feel they had the opportunity to put their abilities into practice.

It also found most workers felt they showed initiative, with 84% reporting they carried out tasks "that are not required for the job", displaying extra commitment at work.