A MOTHER has been charged after her 21-month-old baby allegedly tested positive in hospital to having consumed the drug ice.

Lake Illawarra Area Command police officers were called on May 25 after the boy, who admitted to Wollongong Hospital suffering seizures, tested positive to methamphetamine.

Police were told the boy had slept night before alone in his mother's room, where it was possible he had access to prohibited drugs.

A search of the home allegedly uncovered ice, marijuana, buprenorphine, drug paraphernalia and cathinone - also known as the drug bath salts.

A 27-year-old woman was ordered to appear at Port Kembla Local Court today.

The Koonawarra woman was charged with abandoning or exposing a child under seven, causing danger of death, and six counts of drug possession.

The young boy is in the care of NSW Department of Family and Community Services.