Bad call on funding shortfall for Crime Stoppers

HOW short-sighted is our State Government to stop the funding of Crime Stoppers?

This organisation solved many crimes and was a respected and viable asset to our under-manned police service.

This service allowed police more time on the job, but now for a lousy $250,000 our short-sighted State Government is tossing away a valuable service. How pathetic is this?

Maybe if they stopped flying all over the state on worthless, and sometimes questionable, travel or stopped expensive dinners or overseas junkets for their whole families they would find enough money to run this service for 10 years.

Police are understaffed as it is and the beauty of this service was you stayed completely anonymous.

No offence to our wonderful police men and women, but some people will now be hesitant to call, fearing such anonymity will be compromised.

This State Government, who along with the opposition, lost my support years ago and this hopeless penny-pinching of essential services while wholesale rorting is going on makes my decision more relevant.

Annastacia Palaszczuk and her pathetic police minister should hang their heads in shame.


Mt Coolum