Gerard Baden-Clay
Gerard Baden-Clay

Gerard Baden-Clay case to come before High Court today

THE Allison Baden-Clay case will today come before the High Court as the Crown seeks to have her husband's murder conviction reinstated.

Two years ago this month, Gerard Baden-Clay was convicted of murdering his wife Allison and dumping her body on a bank at Kholo Creek in 2012

The Queensland Court of Appeal controversially downgraded Baden-Clay's murder conviction to manslaughter after a hearing last year.

His legal team successfully argued there was a reasonable hypothesis for a possible physical confrontation where a subsequent fall could have caused Allison's death.

The Crown says the appeal court made a series of errors in reaching its conclusion.

It argued Baden-Clay's lawyers could not propose "imaginary possibilities to explain an embarrassing death" post-trial and then argue the Crown did not address them

The Crown and Baden-Clay's defence team have both made written submissions advancing their case but today will make final oral submissions to the court sitting in Brisbane.

The High Court is likely to reserve its decision to a later date. - ARM NEWSDESK