MILESTONE: Employee Michelle McGrath hides out behind mascot
MILESTONE: Employee Michelle McGrath hides out behind mascot "Little Eddie" at Ed's Beach Bakery at Rainbow Beach which this year is entering into its 13th year. Contributed

Baker's dozen anniversary for Rainbow Beach patisserie

ROD and Sharon Parker weren't just after a sea change when they bought Ed's Beach Bakery in Rainbow Beach in 2006; they wanted a complete change.

And they got it.

The couple used to own and operate an earthmoving business on the south side of Brisbane, but the fast lane was something they were longing to escape.

"We got into a cash business because we wanted to get out of the rat-race, find something more relaxed," Mrs Parker said.

And so, without any prior experience, Mr Parker became a baker and pastry cook.

"He's got an uncle and cousins who are bakers, but he'd never done anything like that before," Mrs Parker said.

However, having served his apprenticeship, he is now trade qualified and judging by the amount of repeat business the bakery gets and by the number of people who are regularly gathered out the front, he's got it down pat.

"We're a popular spot with lots of people. We get the flow through from Fraser Island and when people fuel up the car, they fuel up their bodies too. People come back and say they want six loaves to take home and put in the freezer because they can't get bread as tasty as ours back home," Mrs Parker said.

While Mr Parker enjoys the positive feedback, Mrs Parker enjoys her role too.

"You meet a wide variety of people and get to know the residents of Fraser Island and the locals in town, being face-to-face with the public," she said.

Now the business is in its 13th year, the couple are getting itchy feet again and have put the bakery on the market.

"We're looking to retire. At the moment Rod works all night and I do the day shift, so we're like two ships that pass in the night," Mrs Parker said.

It's been up for sale for a little while so in the meantime the Parkers are happy to keep going until they sell the business but Mrs Parker had the following advice for anyone wanting to take it on.

"It's a fabulous location but you've got to be dedicated to make it," she said.

"You can't just say 'I won't go in today'.

"People rely on you."