Gable Tostee used an online fitness forum to say he had nothing to do with Warriena Wright's fatal fall
Gable Tostee used an online fitness forum to say he had nothing to do with Warriena Wright's fatal fall

Balcony death: Accused murderer Tostee breaks silence

THE man accused of the murder of New Zealand woman Warriena Wright has posted a lengthy proclamation of his innocence on a bodybuilding website.

Gable Tostee was arrested and charged with murder in August after Ms Wright, 26, fell 14 floors to her death from his Surfers Paradise apartment.

The 28-year-old was granted bail at the Supreme Court in Brisbane last month, but was ordered to obey strict bail conditions that prevented him from using the dating app Tinder and drinking or partying into the small hours of the night.

The post appeared on the website earlier today. It is written in the first person and signed Gable.

Fairfax Media is reporting the 199-minute recording found on Mr Tostee's phone the day after Ms Wright's death has been uploaded to a Canadian file-sharing site.

Fairfax reports the recording is expected to be treated as key evidence in his impending trial, both by police and Mr Tostee's defence team.

In his forum post, Mr Tostee said it was time he spoke about the events that happened on the night Ms Wright fell to her death.

APN has chosen not to repeat all of Tostee's comments as the case was now before the court.

He wrote that it had been "extraordinarily difficult" to remain silent on the case.

"I have grown to believe my silence may have done more harm than good," he said.

"First off let me say that the death of Warriena was the most tragic and distressing event I have ever experienced.

"Knowing I was the last person to be with her, it has left me permanently scarred and not a day passes that I don't wish I could go back in time and prevent it."

Warriena 'Rrie' Wright
Warriena 'Rrie' Wright

For at least a week after it happened Tostee said he was so overwhelmed, "I was unable to laugh or even crack a smile".

"I broke down in tears several times a day, or whenever I saw her picture in the news.

"I never expected I would ever experience something like this, nor did I have any idea how much it would affect me.

"Even though I had only known her for a night I was horrified that this had happened to her. I would never wish for it to happen to anybody."

Tostee said he had not had a chance to speak with Ms Wright's family, but it pained him to think of the loss and suffering they must be experiencing.

He wrote that his character and image had been "destroyed beyond repair".

"Currently I am living at my parents' home, settling in. Everything has changed profoundly and I have a long road ahead of me," he said.

"I know my lawyers might crucify me for writing this but I feel that I needed to speak out as I have had no voice so far and have sustained so much abuse having my hands tied.

Ms Wright and Tostee met through the dating website Tinder while she was on holiday the Gold Coast for a wedding.

Tostee, a self confessed playboy, was known to have bragged about past sexual conquests with woman he had met online.

Before his arrest, a man reported to be Tostee boasted on an online bodybuilding forum of 150 sexual encounters, including balcony sex, but denied being responsible for Ms Wright's death.