Bowler and batsman Shane Zahner had a hard-working weekend for Harlequins.
Bowler and batsman Shane Zahner had a hard-working weekend for Harlequins. Craig Warhurst

Bambling provides backbone as Wests struggle

IT was a one-man effort from Wests batsman Peter Bambling to keep his side afloat in their first innings of the match against Harlequins at One Mile Oval on Saturday.

Bambling chalked up 55 of West's 135 runs against Harlequins and managed to stay at the crease for the bulk of the game to be the last man out.

Bambling stepped in at 3-18, took the team to the 135 before he was given out leg before wicket at the hands of Harlequins bowler Shane Zahner.

McDonald was next best in Wests' batting line-up, hitting 20 but falling to Harlequins bowler Peter Kross, leaving the crease with Wests at 7 for 105.

Best of the Harlequins bowlers was Craig Sorrell with four for 46 off 14 overs.

Tim Kross finished with three for 29 off nine overs.

Harlequins used seven bowlers in the 41 overs they sent down.

Harlequins finished the day on 5-70, which rounded off a mediocre first day for both teams.

Rowan Bartley was sensational for Wests with four for 15 off five overs.

Harlequins president Peter Kross said the day was less than ideal at both ends of the scale and while he was not overly impressed with Harlequins quick loss of wickets for not many runs, he expected this Saturday's play to produce another close result.




R Bartley c T O'Niel b C Sorrell - 0

T Lawley b C Sorrell - 16

T Doyle c D Brodtman b P Kross - 0

P Bambling lbw S Zahner - 55

R Cartwright c D Brodtman b T Kross - 0

T Colley c S Zahner b L Wheeler - 6

G Wellor b T Kross - 12

D McDonald b P Kross - 20

C Morrison b C Sorrell - 3

M Skinnerb C Sorrell - 0

B long not out - 11

Sundries: 12

TOTAL: 135

FOW: 18, 18,18, 20,41, 71, 105, 108, 108, 135

Bowling: C Sorrell 14-2-46-4; T Kross 9-3-29-3; T Manthey 5-2-10-0; L Wheeler 5-1-15-1; S Ringuet 1-0-2-0; P Kross 5-0-16-1; S Zahner 2-0-4-1.


S Ringuet c R Cartwright b R Bartley - 16

M Walsh lbw R Bartley - 15

S Zahner b B Long - 4

P Kross c R Cartwright b R Bartley - 17

D Brodtman c D Donald b R Bartley - 6

Sundries: 19

TOTAL: 5 for 77

Bowling: B Long 9-5-21-1; C Morrison 5-1-0-27; R Bartley 5-1-15-4; G Wellor 1-0-8-0.