The Bank of Queensland headquarters at Newstead’s Gasworks precinct.
The Bank of Queensland headquarters at Newstead’s Gasworks precinct.

Customers fuming after BOQ goes down

BANK of Queensland customers have been left fuming after major outages throughout the day left people unable to transfer money.

A BOQ spokeswoman confirmed the bank's phone, internet and mobile banking were down throughout the day, but said at 9pm the problem was now "resolved" and customers should be able to regain access soon.

"These services are progressively coming back online this evening," she said.

"Due to the large volume of customers trying to log on, there may be some delays accessing these services. We apologise to anyone affected by this outage."

It is understood some customers may still struggle to gain access immediately because of the volume of people logging on to their mobile banking.

The bank first notified customers through it's Facebook site at 10.30am, apologising for the delays and later admitting repairs were taking " longer to fix than expected".

Online services were affected, but in-branch and EFTPOS was running smoothly, the spokeswoman confirmed.

Frustrated customers took to the BOQ Facebook page to complain they could not transfer money, stuck without food and medicine, and unable to pay their staff and rent because of the widespread outages.

"This bank is a joke. Standing here at supermarket register trying to pay for groceries and I can't transfer my money. All day this has been happening. Go to call the service line and won't even let me pass the selection menu. The other possible numbers just ring out. This is the final straw for me. Done! Have embarrassed and inconvenienced me too much," Trent Glister posted to the Facebook page.

Vicki Cole said she ran into trouble trying to pay her employees: "Have been trying to process 40 odd staff wages for the last 24hrs! What do I tell them … ummm sorry you won't be able to buy food, or pay your bills!"

"Greaaat was supposed to pay money to my real estate today who I can only pay through bank transfer and needed to be paid TODAY!!!!" Lisa Simmons posted.

Others expressed anger that customers weren't contacted directly and were instead left to discover the problem themselves.

"For the second time in a month there's a major nationwide problem with customers accessing their own money, and you do not have the decency to send out a txt (sic) message to alert us," Celeste Peate posted.

Ashlee Hollway also said she'd "had it" with BOQ.

"I'm at my last straw. I second what others saying. I should (sic) at the shops for 35 mins trying to transfer funds, waited on hold for over 45 mins in total to be hung up on by their call centre team," she said.

Customers are being told to contact the Bank of Queensland on 1300 55 72 72 or email if they continue to have problems.