Banned motorist drove after desperate call from friend

WHEN Christian Peter Saul received a phone call from a distressed friend in need of his help, he acted without thinking.

He jumped in his car and drove to his female friend's house, even though his licence had been disqualified by a court.

During the September 17 trip, Saul was stopped by police at Booval and busted for driving without a licence.

At Ipswich Magistrates Court this week, the 37-year-old pleaded guilty to the offence.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Jo Colston said Saul's licence had been disqualified from August 2013 until July 2016.

Defence lawyer Leah Scott said Saul had opted to drive after his friend phoned him for help.

Ms Scott said her client's friend had been involved in a domestic violence incident and that he impulsively drove to the address to ensure she was okay.

"In hindsight he knows there were other options but he was very concerned for her welfare," she said.

Ms Scott said her client was a single father and that he had not committed any other traffic offences in the past two years.

However Magistrate Donna MacCallum noted Saul had "a number" of prior convictions for disqualified driving.

Saul was sentenced to nine months in jail, suspended for two years.

He was also disqualified from driving for another two years.