Cyberbullying - generic. PHOTO: File.
Cyberbullying - generic. PHOTO: File.

Bay mum 'heartbroken' after reading teen cyberbullying account

AN INSTAGRAM profile that allegedly posted harmful comments about Hervey Bay teens is no longer on the social media network.

Concerned parents accused 'herveybayconfessions' of promoting cyberbullying.

One Fraser Coast mother took to Facebook urging other parents to report the Instagram account. 

"Essentially it's a page involving kids from all schools posting nasty things about hundreds of students," she said.

"Reading these as a mother is heart breaking, and honestly disgusting that this sort of bullying is still going on.

"Our kids need to be protected.

"Check your kids phones, ask them, start the discussion.

"They may be the bully, the may be getting bullied, regardless parents need to be aware."

It is unclear whether it was removed by Instagram or taken down by its creators.

A Queensland Police spokesperson encouraged any children who had been the victim of cyberbullying to speak to their parents or caregivers.

"Anyone who believes they are at risk of physical injury or harm should contact police," the spokesperson added.

Victims were also encouraged to report incidents to their teachers or principals if the alleged perpetrators attended their schools.

Parents and caregivers have been urged to be vigilant and actively involved in their child's online activity.

You can access the office of the eSafety Commissioner at