Michael Mosley in a scene from the documentary TV series The Truth About Exercise.
Michael Mosley in a scene from the documentary TV series The Truth About Exercise. Jenna Caldwell-Weiler - Contributed by BBC publicity website

Documentaries lifting lid on eating

BBC Knowledge's new block of health programs lifts the lid on some uncomfortable truths.

A series of documentaries airing each Sunday, Monday and Tuesday this month called What's Your Body Hiding? explores the latest science and trends in food, health and wellbeing.

BBC presenter and medical journalist Michael Mosley will host the series, which features three of his docos: The Truth About Exercise, Eat, Fast and Live Longer and Guts.

Mosley, who often carries out experiments on himself as part of his shows, says we must face the realities of fast food, hidden calories and our snacking habits if we are to change the rising trend of obesity.

What's Your Body Hiding? - BBC Knowledge - Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays at 9.30pm

It's one of the biggest health issues facing Australians, which rank fifth fattest in the world behind Mexico, the US, New Zealand and Chile.

"In the good old days my mother said 'Never eat between meals'," he said.

"Now we are simply eating more in between meals and eating more calories. We're never giving our bodies a rest from food, which is a pretty bad thing."

Mosley highly recommends the first documentary of this month's series, The Men Who Made Us Fat, for insight into how drastically our eating habits have changed over the past 50 years.

"It's a three-parter looking mainly at how the fast food outlets developed in the States," he said. "It tells us how we got to where we are today, and why we're consuming so many carbs in the form of drinks."

In The Truth About Exercise, airing on Tuesday, Mosley discovers he is a "toffee" - skinny on the outside but fat on the inside.

"The point of the season and the campaign I'm on is to alert people to the dangers of visceral fat," he said.