Body image comments can be really hurtful
Body image comments can be really hurtful

Cheeseburger commentary: 'Real women have curves'

It's difficult not to take on board negative comments made about your physique.

As I was queued up at the Surf Club Kiosk today, (wearing a bikini), a rather large woman called out, "Love, I hope you're ordering a cheeseburger! Real women have curves!"

It was such a dumb remark, but it was hard not to shake it off.

It was tempting to retort, "You definitely better not be ordering any cheeseburgers," but I responded with, "Wow!" In a tone that let her know that her comment was not okay.

Such comments are as effective as telling an overweight person to get on a treadmill.

They are senseless and hurtful.

The woman may have thought she was making a statement about celebrating curvaceous women, yet by doing so, she offended and excluded women who often have their own struggles with being accepted and celebrated by an overtly judgemental and superficial society.

I willed her negativity to bounce off me like water off a duck's back, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't crush my ego. I kept my body covered under a towel on the walk back up to my place on the hill. I felt angry with myself for letting her get to me.

Words are powerful. They can cause harm or make someone feel tall, strong, radiant and important like a sunflower. Like a sunflower, I'd like to be able to turn my back to the darkness in this world and just see light and warmth.

Be kind.