Former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie.
Former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie. Inga Williams

Conservationist challenges Peter Beattie to public debate

A PROMINENT Mary River conservationist has challenged ex-Premier Peter Beattie to a public debate on disasters which he says have followed politically motivated dam-building programs.

Wide Bay Burnett Environment Council president Roger Currie, who was sacked by the Beattie Government for his criticisms of the Traveston Crossing dam proposal, said it was time Mr Beattie took personal responsibility for damage caused by Traveston and its prototype, the Paradise Dam, near Bundaberg.

He accused the Beattie Government of using bad science and false economic predictions to make the dam appear useful, environmentally sound and safe for downstream communities.

He called for Paradise Dam to be decommissioned and ultimately demolished.

"The flood-affected people of Bundaberg gained no benefit from it and the only justifications came from water supply agencies owned by the government," he said.