Sarah and Kate James’s uncle, Able Seaman Dennis Brown, 39, is a third cousin to Kate Middleton.
Sarah and Kate James’s uncle, Able Seaman Dennis Brown, 39, is a third cousin to Kate Middleton. Barry Leddicoat

Beerwah girls' link to royalty

TWO little Beerwah girls have just discovered they have a new cousin: Kate Middleton, the British “commoner” who will become a Royal Princess tomorrow when she marries Prince William.

Sarah and Kate James look like your typical little girls, but a recent search of their family tree has revealed that after tomorrow they will be linked to royalty.

If that isn't reason enough to watch the royal wedding, their uncle, Dennis Brown, is a sailor in the Royal British Naval Reserve who has been chosen to join in the guard of honour on the steps of Westminster Abbey for the wedding.

Dennis, 39, will be metres from his new cousin as she walks through the abbey before she marries the future King of England.

Dennis and Miss Middleton share a great, great grandfather, Miles Tugwell Chandler, a butcher from Gloucestershire.

Dennis's father, Peter Brown, told the Daily yesterday how proud he was to discover his family tree was entangled with that of the future queen.

Peter, who lives at Beerwah with his granddaughters and their mother, Susan, emigrated from England in 1968.

“I did emigrate but it wasn't because I didn't like the Queen or anything,” he said.

“I thought there would be more opportunities over here and a better standard of living. And that's all turned out to be correct.”

Dennis, who grew up in Brisbane, has lived in England for several years.

He previously served in the Australian Navy and Air Force.

He moved to England to take advantage of his dual citizenship and joined the Royal Naval Reserve.

Now he not only forms part of an exclusive guard of honour at the royal wedding but also has the gloating rights of being a distant cousin of Miss Middleton.

Peter could not be more chuffed and even told his granddaughters' teachers they would soon be teaching royalty.

“I'm not sure if they believe me,” he said.

In England, Dennis has been interviewed by a number of media outlets, including the London Daily Telegraph.

While Dennis will have a front-row seat in London, his Beerwah family will have a more subdued night, watching from their living room.