COP IT ON THE CHIN: Thaiday's social outburst uncalled for

THERE comes a time when you need to just buck up and accept your fate.

For Sam Thaiday, it was this week.

But the Brisbane Broncos forward was not having a bar of it, and he took to social media to air his grievances. It was the wrong move.

No doubt, Thaiday has been - and will continue to be - a great servant of rugby league. But that is what it is: servitude.

No player, immortal or otherwise, is bigger than the game itself. To play at the highest level is more a privilege than a right. To play for your country you need to be deserving of the green and gold. The fact is that Thaiday, at 32 years old, is too old, too slow and too out of form to represent his country.

Several times this year he was relegated to a bench role for his club. He was dropped from the Origin arena. He didn't lead from the front.

It doesn't sound much like Kangaroos selection criteria.

So when he whinged on Instagram, I was surprised. What gives him the right to have a sook about coaches having no decency to at least call him?

It is not the coach's job to call and let every person know they missed out. Mal would be on the phone longer than at training. If Thaiday wants back in the fold, than it is on his shoulders to play his backside off this pre-season, play his best football next year and earn the privilege.

Lift that bottom lip, bud.

NOT GOOD ENOUGH: The least Thaiday deserved was a call

FOR SOMEONE who has played for Australia since 2006 and represented their country on 32 occassions, I feel that Sam Thaiday has every right to be angry, annoyed and disappointed by the way he was treated when his name was left off the teamlist for Mal Meninga's Kangaroos squad ahead of the 2017 Rugby League World Cup.

It would have been a hard phone call to make, for Meninga to tell the 32-year-old his services were not required for the competition, but it should have been made.

Maybe the teamlist being leaked to the media a day before it was due to be announced forced Meninga's hand, but I find that hard to believe.

In the real world, it's expected that employers call people who have applied for a job and let them know they haven't been successful. Footy players are no different. They play hard all year for their team, and to enhance their chances of representing their state or country. The least Meninga could have done is make a phone call, explain to Thaiday why he didn't get picked.

Some players get to make the call on how and when they end their representative career, while others have that decision made for them. After getting dropped from the Maroons, and now the Kangaroos, it seems time has been called on Thaiday's glittering rep career. The least he deserved was a phone call telling him so.