Coastal Living Homes director Craig Redman builds sustainable houses with cost-saving features.
Coastal Living Homes director Craig Redman builds sustainable houses with cost-saving features. Peter Holt

Being energy efficient will save you money, sweat and tears

TAKING a closer look at your block of land before you move on to it could save you sweat and money.

And choosing energy-efficient products in your home will save you money on your electricity bill.

Yesterday was national Sustainable House Day which celebrated Australians who continue to embrace renewable energy, recycling and other practices designed to lessen their impact on the environment in their homes.

Coastal Living Homes director Craig Redman said you wouldn't put your lounge and patio on the western side of the house because of the heat which was demonstrated in a display home.

"We suit it to the aspect of the winds," he said.

"So we have the northeasterly and southeasterly winds through here.

"Your living is on your north side of the house and your bedrooms are on the west."

Mr Redman said insulation was a feature which cooled the house in summer and warmed it in winter.

"All roofs are insulated and then we put vents in the house to get air distribution through, to get cool air coming through," he said.

"You can get energy-efficient lighting too.

"We use solar block glass so it retracts the heat so the sun, instead of bearing through the glass, it bounces back off."

Cost-savings on power bills were the main benefit of having a sustainable energy-efficient house, he said.

"You're not burning as much power," he said.

"All my houses' standards are, we do the solar block glass, the whole roof is insulated not just the living areas.

"I've been doing this (sustainable practices) for about six years now."

He said clients can also choose from other endless options too make their house more sustainable. "We have to do it for energy efficiency in homes - we have to make them six stars minimum," Mr Redman said.

"Most of mine are between eight and nine stars.

"The last three or four houses we've done had solar panels too."

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