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These apps will leave you feeling like a celebrity... or at least organised.
These apps will leave you feeling like a celebrity... or at least organised.

The best apps to live like a celebrity mum

HOLLYWOOD mums seem to have it all - personal assistants, personal trainers, personal chefs and of course, that means a lot more personal time.

Oh, how we envy them.

But, technology now makes it possible for ordinary mums to live more like celebrities.

The app store opens up a world that can guide and support mums to enjoy a better, more organised life with smart tools for everything from parenting to fitness to healthcare.

The problem is, most busy mum's don't have the time to endlessly trawl for that perfect app.

So we've done some of the research for you and can tell you some of the best apps are free and many are developed right here in Australia.

Let's look at what we think are the top 10 must-have apps for mums:


My Fitness Pal

For most mums, weight and diet are constantly a work in progress. Now admittedly an app falls short on providing the eye-candy of a personal trainer but it can hold you to account.

My Fitness Pal is a trainer and chef in one, allowing you to record calories consumed and monitor calories being burnt.

The app is easy to use and calculates how many calories you need to eat based on your height, weight, gender and lifestyle and then allows you to count the calories as you consume them. It has a huge database of foods and recipes so you can track your daily intake and even scan the barcodes on the food and drinks you're consuming to get the exact caloric intake. Even wine and champagne labels are on the list!


House Call Doctor

Remember when doctor's made "house calls"?  This app, from a Queensland-owned company, brings back that old-fashioned service.

When you have children it can sometimes feel like you are constantly at the doctor and more often than not the time you need them the most is at night or on weekends.

Well hallelujah, House Call Doctor has brought back the traditional "house call" and has created an easy to use app that is free and simple.

The best part is the House Call Doctor app - available for iOS and Android - is set up so mum's can securely store the details of every person in the house ahead of time so when they need a doctor it is much faster.

Once a booking is made House Call Doctor sends a doctor and chaperone to your house. It is 100% bulk billed and it means you can wait in the comfort of your own home. The doctor even provides the medication you need to get through the night or until your pharmacy or doctor reopens.

House Call Doctor does home visits every weeknight from 6pm, weekends and on public holidays. The fully Government accredited service then sends a detailed patient report to your regular GP the next day and you can organise it all through the app so this one is technology helping you feel better sooner.




This is the app that helps you organise and keep track of your life. Whether it is birthdays, to-do lists, work hours or for new-mums your feed/sleep diary, Evernote is a one-stop digital library that can be accessed on your phone, computer and tablet.

You can save articles and photos that you find on the web and read them later as well as share documents and information with family, friends, and workmates.

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature allows you to store information from business cards, and even track receipts and expenses.

A very organised couple I know who love to cook keep an inventory of what is in their pantry so they are never caught short if they're a work and want to cook a special dish that night.



It can be difficult enough managing your child's daily schedule, but it is even more problematic for separated and divorced parents.

2houses has a website and iPhone app that provides co-parents with tools to manage their child/children's day-to-day activities as well as the custody roster and finances.

2houses also works as an information bank where parents can record details such as shoe and clothing sizes, Medicare numbers, health insurance policy details etc.

Users can also elect to receive notifications by email and/or SMS whenever a schedule, or change is requested.



If your wallet looks like a women's version of George Costanza's from Seinfeld then there is a good chance the reason for your bulging at the seams wallet is store loyalty cards.

The day you don't have them all with you is the one day you buy something from that random shop you rarely visit.

Ditch the cards and store them digitally on your phone! One of the favourite apps we found was the Stocard app and it is free. You simply scan the barcodes of your store membership cards and all you need when you shop is your phone.



We have all done it - forgotten where we have parked the car so it's no wonder the Find My Car app is so popular. It's free and all you have to do is save your car park position on the map and if GPS location services can help you find it later if you can't remember exactly what the floor, colour, and number of your carpark was.


Remote App

If you have an Apple TV you know how easy it is lose that super-slim TV remote. The Remote App turns your phone into the remote control and allows you to select a song, a playlist or control the Apple TV just like you would if you had the Apple remote in your hands. No more "Mum! I can't find the remote!" and the app is free.



Whether you are sleep-deprived with a baby at home or a working mum trying to juggle career and children a good coffee is often just what you need.

Beanhunter helps users search out good local coffee as well as add their favourite coffee shop or latest discovery and post a review. It's particularly useful when you're visiting friends and relatives or travelling for work and are in unknown territory when that urgent need for caffeine kicks in. Oh, and it's free.



More than 100 million fans of PhotoGrid use this popular photo editing tool to create photo collages of their favourite pics.

It's easy to use and gives simple options to enhance and decorate photos with filters, stickers and text.  The multipurpose app also makes it easy to create video stories using photographs from your camera roll.



Children's artwork! The big question is always how to display their lovingly crafted pieces of artwork and where to store them. The app Artkive gives you a digital safe for the art with the ability to compile their masterpieces into a personalised book at the end of the school year. The app is $7.99 and the books cost extra but there is a keepsake value.