Jonathan Lapaglia on Survivor Australia
Jonathan Lapaglia on Survivor Australia

‘Best Survivor player the world has seen’

Survivor All-Stars contestant Brooke Jowett's luck ran out during Tuesday night's penultimate episode of the season, sending her out of the game on day 47.

Brooke had no friends left in the game, but had kept herself safe for the past few episodes by winning the immunity idol. In Tuesday's episode, David beat her to individual immunity.

"I can't say I didn't try," Brooke sighed after losing the challenge.

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"There's no better female competitor," said tribemate Moana, with David adding: "There's never been a better male competitor."

They may have been quick to compliment her, but David, Moana and fellow contestant Sharn's knives were out at tribal council, as they picked off the last remaining player not in their alliance.

Brooke made a last-ditch plea to her fellow players at tribal council: "If you give me another life in this game, I'll take you to the end. I'm struggling to understand what (Sharn and Mo) are doing with their game. If they vote me out, they're pretty much guaranteeing Dave will win the next immunity challenge. Neither of these two want to sit with Dave at the end. They both told me today that they can't win against Dave, and they can't beat Dave in the next challenge."

L-R: Sharn and Moana sent Brooke packing.
L-R: Sharn and Moana sent Brooke packing.


"I think Dave is probably the best Survivor player the world has ever seen. That's a big person to go up against," said Brooke.

In the end, her plea fell on deaf ears.

"I'm shattered because I was so close to the end. I played a strong game," said Brooke. "I continuously won the immunity challenges, and I knew the second I lost, I'd be in big trouble … that's what happened today."

She also had a prediction for what would happen at next week's finale: "I think Mo will give him a good run for his money … but Dave will beat them in the end."

The Survivor: All-Stars finale airs 7:30pm Monday on Ten.

Originally published as 'Best Survivor player the world has seen'