Justin Modra received a suspended jail sentence in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Thursday.
Justin Modra received a suspended jail sentence in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Thursday.

‘Beyond belief’: Dad fractures eye socket during fight

A Coast dad caused a man “significant injuries” after he threw a glass at him during a heated fight between two couples, a court heard.

A night on the grog ended badly for Justin Douglas Frederic Modra, 39, who found himself involved in a fight between two married couples.

Police prosecutor James Allen told Maroochydore Magistrates Court there was a fight between the couples at a Coast venue on July 21 last year.

”It seems that Mr Modra has involved himself in the fight that has occurred at the licensed premises and ultimately thrown the glass which has connected and caused those serious injuries,” he said.

The court heard the victim received a fracture to the right orbit and sinus, a laceration to the cheek and received treatment for damage to his retina.

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Modra pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Thursday to assault occasioning bodily harm while armed.

Modra’s lawyer Chelsea Emery said Modra was evicted by security and had not known he had hit anyone with the glass.

“There was a fight between two wives and one of the husbands seemed to be getting involved at some point,” she said.

The court heard Modra knew one of the husbands who he had been talking to in the smoking area.

“That’s when a particular woman came up and said that the complainant’s wife had (allegedly) assaulted her,” Ms Emery said.

The court heard Modra and the woman’s husband then decided to confront the family.

“It was clear in the CCTV footage he (Modra) was trying to separate the group,” Ms Emery said.

“Unfortunately then he gets pushed to the ground and for some reason he gets up and obviously throws the glass.

“He is shocked by his behaviour on this particular evening and has no answers for why he would do this.”

Ms Emery said Modra had four children.

“He spends most of his spare time at the AFL club,” she said.

“He has been offered a coaching role but recognises that because of this appearance today, he may have some issues getting a blue card so that’s obviously punishment already.”

The court heard Modra had offered $2500 compensation as a sign of remorse to the victim.

Magistrate Rod Madsen said it was reckless behaviour.

“Unfortunately when you fell over and then stood up you retained hold of your glass,” he said.

“How you managed to do that is beyond belief.

“The injuries the victim sustained were significant.”

Mr Madsen said alcohol-fuelled violence in licensed venues was all too common and needed deterrence.

He sentenced Modra to 14 months jail, wholly suspended for three years.

A conviction was recorded.

He was also ordered to pay $2500 compensation to the victim.