BIG NEWS: Chris Sun's latest horror film, Boar that was filmed in the Mary Valley will premiere in Australia this month.
BIG NEWS: Chris Sun's latest horror film, Boar that was filmed in the Mary Valley will premiere in Australia this month.

Big announcement for Gympie-filmed horror movie

THE wait is over for horror film buffs and one determined local director with the news Mary Valley-filmed horror flick BOAR will officially premiere in Australia in just over two weeks.

Director Chris Sun announced the news last night - excited and relieved the "beast is finally coming” after its conception three years ago when it premieres in full red-carpet and star-studded style at the Majestic Cinemas in Nambour, the director's home town, on May 19.

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Director Chris Sun on the set of Boar, in the Mary Valley.

"We've been working around the clock to get everything set up to make this happen,” Mr Sun told fans last night on the movie's Facebook page.

"Three years later to sit and say we're finally going to premiere is such a great feeling and a great relief - I'll sleep for ten years after Boar comes out.”

Shot exclusively in Kandanga in the Mary Valley, including at the former Kandanga Hotel before it was lost to fire , the film, about a 2.5m-high killer pig terrorising an outback town, hit hurdles after the first investors pulled out less than a week before cameras were to roll.

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But when they did roll in 2015, it turned Gympie into a mini-Hollywood with major names Ernie Dingo, Hugh Sheridan, John Jarratt and Melissa Tkautz delighting fans with their presence in Kandanga and visits to Gympie.

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Picked up by Universal Pictures, Boar is Sun's second film shot in the Valley, following the successful independent horror film Charlie's Farm that starred Tara Reid, Bill Moseley and Nathan Jones.

The director's ties to the region grew as a child visiting his Gympie grandparents who owned Sun's Restaurant in Mary St; it was a love for the town that led him to briefly own Gympie's Sovereign Cinema.

A scene from horror film Charlie's Farm.
A scene from horror film Charlie's Farm. CONTRIBUTED


The big names will return for the premiere including Jarratt, Tkautz, Simone Buchanan, Roger Ward, Emily Williams and Nathan Jones with the possibility of Ernie Dingo and Hugh Sheridan.

VIP tickets for the premiere will be available tonight from 7pm, before the film will hits cinemas within the weeks to follow, Mr Sun said.