MAFS star Jessika Power
MAFS star Jessika Power

Big MAFS spoiler surfaces online

IT LOOKS like Jessika Power's Married At First Sight affair may have been worth it in the long run.

The 27-year-old has been slammed for cheating on "husband" Mick Gould with intruder Dan Webb, who is "married" to Tamara Joy.

But despite their relationship's controversial beginning Jessika has all but confirmed she and Dan are still together months after filming wrapped.

On Friday Jessika posted a photo of the two of them enjoying a night out together on her Instagram story.

However the picture was deleted just minutes after it was shared, likely because of Channel 9, who are understood to have control over what content MAFS contestants can put on their social media accounts.

Fortunately Jessika's photo was screenshot by eagle-eyed viewers who shared it with Instagram fan account MAFS Funny, which posted it alongside another snap taken of the pair during their night out.

During Wednesday night's dinner party Dan and Jessika made the decision that they would come clean about their affair at the next commitment ceremony.

"I can't keep doing this behind Tam's back … going into the commitment ceremony tomorrow, I think we need to say something," Dan told Jessika.

"I wanna come clean and just let everyone know the way I feel about you. We should both write leave but ask the experts if we can stay. And me and you can try something."

Jessika and Dan have been having an affair for the past few weeks
Jessika and Dan have been having an affair for the past few weeks

Both have been feeling the pressure as they try to conceal their affair, with Jessika deciding to talk about Ning's husband Mark in order to distract from her and Dan during a girl's night out.

Meanwhile Dan told Talking Married last week he nearly confessed to his affair with Jessika in front of the whole group during Cyrell's attack at the last dinner party.

During a heated exchange Cyrell decided to confront Jessika about her feelings for Dan after suspecting something was going on between the two.

"I was nearly just going to say it there and then … I'm like, 'I better break it to them now I suppose,'" Dan said.

But Dan ultimately decided to stay quiet, explaining: "I was a bit intoxicated as were a few people there, so it might've gotten a bit out of hand."

Married At First Sight continues Sunday 7pm on Nine.

Jessika has now revealed her and Dan are still together
Jessika has now revealed her and Dan are still together