Aleisha and David Gibson were all smiles after the poll on Saturday night.
Aleisha and David Gibson were all smiles after the poll on Saturday night. David Crossley

Swag of vows for Gibson to keep

GYMPIE MP David Gibson has a lot to live up to, keeping his share of the LNP's election promises.

"Within the first 30 days we will appoint the Bruce Highway Crisis Management Group to get on with the task of bringing forward (highway) planning and working with the Federal Government to match the funding put forward by the LNP to get the work started.

"I also want to put into action the good work done by the Mary Valley Renewal Team, Gympie Regional Council, and others in developing the plan to revitalise the Mary Valley.

"We need to go from two properties sold to about 10%, so we have farmers and families back in the Mary Valley rebuilding those communities.

"Yesterday, one of the first things Campbell Newman did was to issue the whole of government with a 4% unemployment target within six years which will have benefits to the Gympie region.

"With initiatives like reducing payroll tax, cutting red tape and regulation by 20%, as well as recognising the importance of agriculture, we want to make it easier for local businesses to employ local people.

"Campbell Newman made a very public commitment in Gympie to decentralising the public service and returning public sector jobs to the regions, including our Main Roads office.

"Last week I wrote to the director-general of main roads and asked him to hold off on advertising to move any more Gympie positions out of the region.

"I will also be arranging a meeting with our local TAFE director in the next few days to ensure that Gympie TAFE has its share of the LNP's commitment to deliver 10,000 additional apprenticeships, as well as looking at what additional training could be delivered from the Gympie TAFE facilities.

"I will work hard to ensure we get the doubling of the patient travel and accommodation subsidy in place as soon as possible.

"Locally, I want to ensure that Gympie benefits from the $92 million available from our Mums and Bubs program to make sure that our new mothers get the free home visits, along with the Gympie Hospital seeing its share of the $365 million package available to revitalise our frontline health services.

"I will also be discussing the timeframe for a new helipad for the Gympie Hospital.

"This week an LNP government will start a full audit of the health payroll system to determine what needs to be done so that our local health staff at Gympie Hospital can be paid properly.

"I'll be looking forward with interest to the report from the Gympie Regional Council on what flood mitigation measures are needed in the Gympie region and working with them and the Federal Government on funding.

"I also will be working with Main Roads as to how we can improve the traffic flow around Normanby Bridge in the short term during flood events and looking at a long-term requirement for a flood-proof bridge over the Mary River.

"The LNP has committed to disbanding DERM and creating a standalone environment department with a dedicated minister to restore ministerial accountability and transparency.

"Once the changes have occurred, I will be raising my concerns directly with the new environment minister about the agenda by some individuals within the former department to stop dolphin feeding at Tin Can Bay and how this activity must be allowed to continue in an environmentally responsible way.

"I'm advised that the Tin Can Bay marina proposal is currently being assessed by the Federal Government under the EPBC Act.

"The beach permits at Rainbow Beach will be one of the first pieces of unnecessary and inefficient regulation to be put forward for removal as part of the LNP's plan to cut red tape and regulation by 20%.

"There will be a meeting this week with the police commissioner and the Police Union to commence the steps for a police recruiting surge.

"The LNP has committed to redress the problem of cost-shifting from state to local government, will improve resource allocation to councils, help make local government more efficient and repeal Labor's waste tax from July 2012."