Kilkivan wins best small town culture in Australia

KILKIVAN has the best small town culture in Australia.

The tiny Gympie region township has won the inaugural Australian Regional Community Competition run by country music star Josh Arnold and his Small Town Culture project, with the support of the University of Southern Queensland.

With a population of less than 700, Kilkvian ran a strong campaign to attract an impressive 3016 votes to win the competition.

The competition was run via Facebook, where users had to nominate their town (with a population of less than 5000 people) to win a local anthem and music video created for the community by Josh Arnold and the Small Town Culture team.

The 10 small towns from across Australia with the most nominations then had to garner as many "likes" as possible via the Small Town Culture Facebook page over the past week.

Now, it's up to the residents Kilkivan to start putting together a list of iconic local locations for Josh Arnold and his team to film at, and share what it means to be from their small town.

"The local community will be involved in writing the lyrics and recording the song," Arnold said.

"It's up to them to help me capture what life is like their town and make the finished product an anthem they can really be proud of."

The song and video clip with be available to the community to use and promote their small town however they see fit. Kilkivan relies on tourism and agriculture to keep the town alive.

"There's a lot of adversity, and a lot of change facing our rural, regional and remote towns," Arnold said.

"So it's vital our small towns protect their community spirit and pride in the face of hardship.

"The work we're doing with the Small Town Culture project is putting a spotlight on all that's wonderful about living outside of the big cities."

The recorded song will be distributed to 400 radio stations across Australia.