Shannan Ponton drives a BMW X5.
Shannan Ponton drives a BMW X5. Contributed

Biggest Loser trainer Shannan Ponton is beaming with power

BUFFED and sporty, it comes as no surprise that The Biggest Loser trainer Shannan Ponton likes his transport with some punch.

What was your first car?

A white 1980 Toyota Celica hatchback, 2.0-litre. I think I pranged it three times in the first year. None my fault of course…Dad!

What are you driving now, and what do you love and hate about it?

I drive a black V8 BMW X5 with some M Sport trims. It's a beautiful car to drive. Super roomy, comfortable and safe. The best thing, I think, is the post purchase service from BMW - every detail is looked after. The worst thing is pulling up to the petrol pump each week, as 4.8 litres of German power does come at a cost.

I also ride a 2003 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy that I've gradually tricked up, piece by piece.

What cars did your family have while you were growing up?

Dad had a thing about white cars. Every bloody car we had was white, until he purchased a grey Toyota Celica. Mum had an original Honda Civic, classic bright yellow with those bug eye lights.

What is your greatest frustration on the road?

I'm pretty relaxed when I drive. No use rushing and stressing to get somewhere.

I'm not a fan of other drivers texting while driving - super dangerous.

Do you have any preferred driving music?

Anything from the '80s. Rock trivia... putting on a classic '80s "best of" CD and trying to name title and artist has killed many hours on the road for us.

If you were to pick anyone in the world to go on a road trip, who would it be?

Lance Armstrong. Oh, so many questions that need answering.

What is your dream car?

I'm not a real car head. I don't really dream of owning anything special. From the modern era, maybe a BMW M3 after a recent drivers' day on the race track. Or, winding back time, a V8 HQ ute with a WB Statesman front end.


Who: Shannan Ponton.

Born: 1973.

Resume: He shot to fame in 2007 when he featured on The Biggest Loser. Ponton has more than 20 years of fitness industry experience.

See him: Channel 10's The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia on Sundays at 6.30pm, as well as Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm.