Billy Gordon warns LNP not to capitalise on his sickness

INDEPENDENT MP Billy Gordon has warned the Opposition LNP not to attempt to move a vote-of-no-confidence in the government while he recovers from heart and lung issues in a Cairns hospital.

Mr Gordon was taken to hospital on Saturday after visiting a Cairns GP following a flight home from Brisbane.

He said he had been suffering "symptoms typically associated with the respiratory system and heart", though his statement does not elaborate further.

"On Saturday, I flew back to Cairns from Brisbane and went straight to my GP," he said.

"I took his advice and presented myself to the hospital.

"After some tests, a surgery procedure was done on Saturday evening and I was out in the recovery ward soon-after.

"I feel much better.

"Big difference in my breathing and heart function but a bit sore in the arm."

State media have reported the MP may have suffered a heart attack.

Mr Gordon said he expected to be released from hospital before the week's end, but said he hoped the Opposition would not attempt to capitalise on him being unable to support the government.

"I trust that, whilst I am in a medical recovery phase, and will be absent from Parliament this week, the Westminister-democratic convention will prevail and that the Opposition LNP will refrain from moving a vote-of-no-confidence on the Government," he said.

"To provoke such an act would mock Parliamentary convention, and be ridiculed by the Queensland electorates.

"Such a callous initiative would also be lacking any empathy and would never get my support.

"I want to thank my colleagues, friends and family for all your well-wishes, thoughts and prayers."