State of Origin streaker captured on video from another angle

Billy Slater reckons streaker may have been Queenslander!

BILLY Slater was clearly impressed that State of Origin's big, bald, tubby and nude guest made it so far, running about 100m and evading hapless ANZ Stadium security guards.

"He's done well hasn't he? Is he a Queenslander?" Slater enquired as the Maroons tried to not only digest their incredible eighth-consecutive win but the surreal manner in which it unfolded.

"I would have thought they might have picked him up in the 110m he ran but he must have some pace, the big fella."
Sent off: a streaker is escorted from the field.

Matt Scott, who was stripped of his first Origin try, wasn't quite as charitable towards the streaker later identified as Wati Holmwood.

"I'm filthy. I don't think I've scored in about three years and they took it off me. It was an unfortunate incident," Scott said.

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