LUCKY mariners at Hervey Bay Marina have had the good fortune of being able to see nature up close in the past couple of weeks after a pair of sea birds built a cosy nest in among the netting on a trawler.

The nest has brought two delightful additions to the family, which are thought to be Australasian gannets.

The crew has regularly seen the chicks being fed by their parents.

Fraser Coast wildlife guru Alan Peebles said he was fairly confident the birds were gannets.

He said the birds were often seen off the coast of Queensland.

Mr Peebles said it was possible the birds had sought shelter from strong winds in the harbour and decided it was the perfect place to build their nest.

The birds were keen fishers, he said, often seen plunging spectacularly into the water to get a fresh feed.

Mr Peebles said the birds hunted in big flocks, chasing the schools of fish through the water.

He said that although it was rare for sea birds to make a nest on a boat, it would provide good shelter for the birds.

"The fellows on board must be enjoying it," Mr Peebles said.

"It's nice and protected," he said.