DRONE: This image was captured by a drone at the weekend.
DRONE: This image was captured by a drone at the weekend.

Local film maker captures aerial footage of a flooded Mary

WHILE many Gympie residents only saw floodwater from land, Luke Soanes got a birds-eye view.

The Gympie film maker decided to go sight-seeing with his drone and he captured some spectacular scenes.

Mr Soanes sent his second pair of eyes into the sky about 5m at the weekend.

It was only his sixth flight with this particular drone and he admitted there were a few nerves about the risks.

There was the chance battery life could run out and the drone would drown.

They only last between 15 and 20 minutes.

That was why Mr Soanes practiced with a cheap version before he bought his current model, worth $3500.

So, with good reason, he had some apprehension when taking his expensive new equipment out of its box.

But the opportunity for great images was too good to miss.

"I accepted it could fall in to the water," Mr Soanes said.

"If you worry, you're not going to get the shot."

Luckily for Mr Soanes, when his drone took to the sky above the flooded Mary River, that was where it stayed.

It took sweeping shots of an inundated Normanby Bridge, Jaycee Way and sporting fields and parks.

The drone is remote controlled, with a video signal connected to satellites.

From his position on land, Mr Soanes could see the drone's images from a screen beside him.

It was a completely different perspective from what many of us saw.

"It's not so much about putting it (the drone) up as high as you can make it, it's about making it an expansion of your camera," he said.

"The size of the water shocked me."

However, he said safety and regulations were his greatest consideration.

A drone cannot fly any higher than 400m or within 30m of people.

It must also stay away from crowded spaces but Gympie was a quiet place at the weekend and Mr Soanes practiced flying his drone without any issues.

After filming, he edited his images together and created a film for his Facebook friends.

While he uses the technology for recreational purposes now, Mr Soanes will incorporate his drone for commercial filming when his new business, EVC Media, opens later in the year.

"It is a bit of a buzz; it's nerve-wracking the whole time. You're at the mercy of technology," he said.