John Gass

Bishop may face the chopper if Dick Smith runs

THEY both like helicopters and now it seems they both want the same job.

Dick Smith has been threatening to run against former speaker Bronwyn Bishop in her blue ribbon LIberal seat of Mackellar, on Sydney's northern beaches, for the past three months. 

Now, a secret poll obtained by the local newspaper - The Manly Daily - says if Mr Smith does decide to run, he will win. 

The secret poll, undertaken by MediaReach, said 69 per cent of voters in the seat believe Ms Bishop should have retired after the Choppergate scandal where she claimed $5277 to charter a helicopter to a party fundraiser. 

Ms Bishop eventually agreed to pay back the money and an additional sum of $1300 however, the scandal cost her the role of speaker.

At the 2013 election Ms Bishop increased her margin on the primary vote by three per cent and secured a solid 68.84% of the vote.

However, the MediaReach poll said if Mr Smith stood he would take 54% of the primary vote and win the seat.