WINNER WINNER: Gympie Lions player Jaidyn Dennien took out the player of the final award in her futsal side's 10-6 futsal grand final win on Monday.
WINNER WINNER: Gympie Lions player Jaidyn Dennien took out the player of the final award in her futsal side's 10-6 futsal grand final win on Monday. Leeroy Todd

Blockbuster finals finish Gympie Scorpions futsal season

FUTSAL: The Sunshine Coast Futsal Association Gympie Scorpions season drew to a successful close this week, and numbers are tipped to grow yet again next season.

The Scorpions capped the 2018/19 campaign with five "intense and goal filled” grand final matches between the top two sides in each division.

Scorpions chief and futsal coach Sam Watt said the grand final match-ups were unprecedented for the league.

"It was the first time the first team played off against the second team in every grand final, which always makes for close contests,” Watt said.

"Sportspower here in Gympie were able to donate balls, bags, (water) bottles and gift vouchers to every player of the match, which was fantastic.

"It was our fourth year this year and we grew in numbers quite a bit, especially the junior sides. We had quite a few parents support the kids and create a good atmosphere for them to play in.

"We actually reduced in men and women numbers a little bit and we grew in juniors. We're projecting those numbers will go back up next season.”

Playing under the SCFA banner, Watt said the Scorpions have also benefited from the success of Gympie United Gladiators numbers during the winter football season.

He said the ongoing demand for facilities, both through the Scorpions and school futsal competitions, had led him to make inquiries with Gympie Regional Council and other local sporting organisations about new multi-purpose courts.

"Pretty soon we're going to be needing three courts to operate ... which highlights the need for an indoor centre here,” Watt said.

"I've spoken with (deputy mayor) Bob Leitch, Gympie Basketball, Gympie Volleyball and a number of parents who all agree and support the idea, and we're now looking at some options to move forward. We're playing on concrete still at Victory College, which accumulates damage to footwear and equipment. It would be nice to play on proper courts.”

Watt said the Scorpions had also made waves at a national and international level, with representative teams making the trip to world-class facilities at Carrara to take part in the Craig Foster International over the summer holidays.

The 2019/20 futsal season starts in October.

SCFA Gympie Scorpions - Grand final results

Age 10-12 B

ICA Tigers 5 defeated Vikings 3, Players of the final - Ryan Walters and Mason Ward

Age 10-12 A

Gympie United 6 defeated Hornets 3, Players of the final - Logan Aquilina and Archer Buckley

Age 13-15

Man Titty United 9 defeated Resevoir Dogs 1, Players of the final - Abby Ganter and Mitch Absalom


Lions White 10 defeated Wii Not Fit 6, Player of the final - Jaidyn Dennien


Big Jazza 4 defeated Hufflepuff 2, Player of the final - Josh Hyam