Drugs, drug use, intravenous, syringe, methylamphetamine, ice, drug addiction, drug abuse
Drugs, drug use, intravenous, syringe, methylamphetamine, ice, drug addiction, drug abuse

Bloody meth syringe found on Gympie school grounds

A METH user who entered the Gympie State High School grounds to shoot up left his uncapped and bloody syringe behind because he was “too high to remember” it, a court has heard.

John Paul Birch, 46, admitted he had entered the school grounds to inject himself in a police interview after his DNA matched a blood sample collected from the needle in a forensic examination, Gympie Magistrates Court heard this week.

Gympie State High School.
Gympie State High School.

Prosecuting Sergeant Lisa Manns told the court the used needle and syringe was located by cleaner outside door of S Block staffroom, resting on top of an outside doorframe opposite the staff toilets.

The cleaner observed the needle had been used and contained “an amount” of blood, the court heard.

Police went to the school and examined the needle, which they initially suspected to have been linked to a break and enter at the school on the previous day.

The court heard Birch would have needed to climb in to the area where needle was located as it was secured when the school was closed.

The DNA sample was matched to Birch and police went to his home address on October 19, where he was arrested and cautioned.

Birch told police he used methamphetamine approximately once a week and remembered entering the school to inject himself, but was too high to remember the needle, Sgt Manns told the court.

He said it was the first time he had ever entered the school grounds, and he usually disposed of needles properly and used them in public toilets.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan admonished Birch for the potential consequences of his “incredibly dangerous” actions.

“Imagine if a kid picked it up, a curious kid, or a staff member leant against it, or something like that,” Mr Callaghan said.

“As I made mention of before, I find this is an incredibly dangerous act for you to do, and you must be deterred from doing it again, so should others.”

Birch pleaded guilty to one charge each of possessing the syringe and trespassing on the school grounds.

He was given a two month jail term suspended for 18 months, and fined $400.